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Coordinated School Health

Healthy Kids Make Better Students.
Better Students Make Healthy Communities.

Jackie Sircy -- Director, Coordinated School Health
Brenda McDonald, Coordinated School Health Assistant


Macon County Schools has recently updated the information on bedbugs.  
Click HERE to view the latest updates.

For more information about Coordinated School Health and for a description of the eight components of a coordinated school health program, click here to take you to the Official Web site of the State of Tennessee.  To return to this page, click the BACK button on your browser window.

Goals of Coordinated School Health Program
--Improved School Performance
--Consolidation of Resources
--Productive and Capable Students
--Community and Family Involvement
--Empowerment and Enhanced Preparation for Teachers
--Locally Determined Programs and Policies

Positive Effects of Coordinated School Health
--Improved Attendance
--Less Smoking Among Students and Staff
--Lower Rates of Teen Pregnancy
--Increased Participation in Physical Fitness Activities
--Greater Interest in Weight Control, Cholesterol Levels, and Healthy Diets
--Increased Use of School Health and Counseling Services
--Decreased Disciplinary Problems
--Prevention of Health-Risk Behaviors such as the Use of Alcohol and Other Drugs

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